Holiday Resorts of Turkey

From all three sides Turkey is surrounded by Sea hence there are many great resorts to choose from on holidays to Turkey for you to stay and then attraction places to visit. Istanbul is probably the most famous city to be compatible with everything related to Turkey although it is no longer the capital of… Continue reading Holiday Resorts of Turkey

Istanbul – Great Idea for Turkey Trip

In the north Mediterranean Sea, south of the black sea and east of the Aegean Sea Turkey is located. The island surrounded by sea from all three sides. With its unique combination of Eastern and Western traditions, Turkey is a destination to explore new things as saying variety is the spice of life; Turkey will… Continue reading Istanbul – Great Idea for Turkey Trip

Cheap Air Tickets from U.K to Turkey

If you are looking for cheap air tickets from United Kingdom to Turkey, it might be worth to consider taking a holiday package that includes air fare and accommodation. Numerous airlines offer flights from U.K to Turkey. They include: Turkish Airlines KLM Royal Dutch Airlines British Airways Czech Airlines Lufthansa KLM Royal Dutch Airlines etc..… Continue reading Cheap Air Tickets from U.K to Turkey

Take a Tour to Turkey – A Great Vacation Idea

Turkey touring is a great way to experience the fascinating country. This magical country has such great history that goes back to the dawn of civilization. The culture of the Turkish people consists of a mixture of Middle Eastern, European, Asian and Ottoman traditions. If you have never experienced the tour to turkey, then I… Continue reading Take a Tour to Turkey – A Great Vacation Idea

U.K People Reasons To Visit Turkey

Now for the first time since 1960’s, Spain is no longer number 1 destination for UK holiday makers. According to a survey by Cooperative Travel in 2016, Turkey has become the first choice destination for every U.K travelers. Even if they want to spend their normal annual holidays they will choose Turkey. This distinction follows… Continue reading U.K People Reasons To Visit Turkey

Ancient World of Turkey

Who says past days or history is boring? History becomes more than figures and facts when you actually visit the places, where it all arise, see the sites and enjoy yourself in these places where Turkey civilization was born. From past 2000 BC to 1500 AD Turkey is known as a center of culture and… Continue reading Ancient World of Turkey

Tour Turkey: 4 Key Things to See When You Visit

The entire tourist, when they come to Turkey, travel to several destinations in Turkey and they have only few days to visit each place. The Ephesus, in Turkey is the home of many amazing historical sites and it is difficult to understand where to go if you only have few days to remain. So increase… Continue reading Tour Turkey: 4 Key Things to See When You Visit