Istanbul – Great Idea for Turkey Trip

In the north Mediterranean Sea, south of the black sea and east of the Aegean Sea Turkey is located. The island surrounded by sea from all three sides. With its unique combination of Eastern and Western traditions, Turkey is a destination to explore new things as saying variety is the spice of life; Turkey will leave you in awe. If you want fashion and chic city metropolis, then visit Istanbul to discover a mixture of history and metropolis. When you step into the historical Peninsula of Istanbul where you can visit the Blue Mosque, Topkap1 Palace, the Süleymaniye Mosque and the Archeology Museum. Twist around in this historical land mine is Eminönü Square, a live city centre which has so much to offer to its every tourist. A busy area where people will be feeding to birds and other animals and shopping, enjoying life in the buzz. Explore new places within the lush, moist Black Sea region where there are variety of towns you can choose to visit. Explore the mountain tops covered with number of pine forests, or you can relax on the mile after mile coastline with gorgeous, no crowd beaches with sun, sand and swimming. To experience all this enjoyment first you need to visit Turkey. If you are a European then your visa is free because to some countries Turkey government provides free Turkish visa services. Country like India, Australia, China, Sri Lanka, America and many more visas for Turkey is necessary.   Well these are the second thing first you have to make plan where you want to visit in Turkey to spend your holidays.


If different sights of history are what you are looking after then this region has many to discover such as, the city of Kirkareli. The city has the oldest mosque Hizirbey if you choose to hire a car in Turkey then you will be free to explore the towns and attractions such as Yedi Goller (the Seven Lakes) National Park near Bolu, Megan the city which has a reputation for good cooks even they provide wine in dine. If you want some sport activities and some type of adventure in your trip then visit Akackoca which have popular holiday resorts, lovely beach and many charming guest houses. Apali is ideal for water sports. Visit Istanbul to discover a mixture of history and metropolis city and many more to discover at your own time

Istanbul is the great place to explore and enjoy new things in your travel trip.  If next month you are planning to visit Turkey then don’t forget to visit Istanbul. If you are citizen of Europe then no need to have Turkey e-visa with you. For some countries this facility is available. Don’t await yourself make your Turkish visa and travel to Turkey.


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