Ancient World of Turkey

Who says past days or history is boring? History becomes more than figures and facts when you actually visit the places, where it all arise, see the sites and enjoy yourself in these places where Turkey civilization was born. From past 2000 BC to 1500 AD Turkey is known as a center of culture and a crossroads of civilization where people from Europe and Asia mingled, traded, fought and built great cities. A lot of this history has been sustained and a modern tourist visiting Turkey today can learn about the past while enjoying the beauty and sunshine of this ancient land. The Southern and Western regions of Turkey abound in places of both ancient and modern importance. The classical literature of the West, the Odyssey and the Iliad, not to mention the recent Hollywood movie, has idolized the legend of Troy. But Troy is more than a legend. This existed over 4000 years ago and was the center of a great civilization. Turkey isn’t a country that everyone thinks of when they think of Roman Ruins and Greek, but indeed, they should. Turkey is filled with more wreckage’s rather than either Greece or Italy! In fact the ancient Romans and Greeks both had capitals in Turkey and it also contains some of the most significant scriptural remains in the world. Visiting Turkey as a tourist then try to visit all the ancient tourism destinations. Make your tourist visa for Turkey then you can be easily able to watch all those favorite location.  If you are familiar to geographical location then for you no need of any guide or map. If you are not familiar to this then we are explaining in details some of the popular destination.


  • The modern city of Bergama contains the ruins of Pergamon. Ancient Pergamon was one of the principal military, cultural and political centers of the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Its library, consisting of two hundred thousand volumes of books and was the second largest in the world. This largest library is from the time of Alexandria.
  • Present day the visitors to Bergama can visit the places of the Theater of Pergamon, which seated 10,000 spectators, the Temple of Athena, the Temple of Dionysus and other sites at the Acropolis of Pergamon.
  • Another city in the Aegean region is Ephesus. It is an important ancient port city whose remains have come down to the present day in very well-preserved condition.

Troy, Ephesus and Pergamon are just a few examples of the places that you can visit in Turkey where you can walk in the same places where the great amounts of ancient history went long before us. Apply for Turkey visa from different visa service centers located in your country and make your trip a wow moment trip.


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