Enjoy Seaside Holidays In Turkey

Looking for a long trip or a long vacation? Have a vacation in Turkey. If you need a long vacation and your country has very few or no alternatives for swimming, then Turkey is a good option to select. Before you visit Turkey know about Turkey. How the country welcomes each and every traveler, how the country is different from other country, how people are, what the climate is, and how much money will be spent over there etc. Check all these things before visiting there. Turkey has four seasons normally in most of the countries four seasons are common but in summer it is really very hot in Turkey. Even the Turkish people who are used to staying there in this beautiful country, for them it is very difficult to bare this weather. In big cities, luckily there are many places where one can swim in the clean and clear waters and enjoy a lot in the sunlight instead of suffer torture of the hot weather. The biggest luckiest fact is that the country is surrounded by water and the most important city of Turkey Istanbul has a long coastline. Unfortunately you cannot swim in Istanbul any longer. Earlier Istanbul used to have very nice sea beaches almost fifty years ago now they are not present but still there are some beaches but it is not recommended to swim any more.  We will explain ahead why most of the beaches get closed but before that first as a instructor I could say create your visa and passport first. Because every country has some rules and regulations to follow when you enter into different country therefore first make your Electronic tourist visa for Turkey.  So that without any hesitation you can enjoy your Turkey vacation very nicely and can swim very calmly.


In short we can explain that it is better not to swim anywhere in Black Sea and Marmara Sea because Marmara is not clean enough and Black Sea is dangerous. So better no to swim in these sea areas.

  • The best options are Mediterranean Sea and Aegean Sea. In Mediterranean area the best city is Antalya. The city Antalya has many small towns with lovely and sandy beaches.
  • Antalya is very good for families with children. There are more than five hundred five-star hotels in them some of the five-star hotels are near to seaside. With all-inclusive meal options these hotels provides many special features for kids.
  • In the Aegean area of Turkey the best cities to visit are Marmaris, Cesme, Bodrum, Fethiye and Kusadasi. In Marmaris and Fethiye you will find few people the population is not that much high and the majority of the visitors are Turkish. The prices in these two popular towns are considerably high. Food is expensive here with that accommodation is also high here but beaches are free here. As much as your wishes are you can swim here and water is very neat and clean to swim.

So in the above paragraph we have explained how the beaches are there in Turkey. So that with your family and friends you can plan to visit there. Have your visa for Turkey and enjoy all these facilities available over there.


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